15 Best Tents with Stove Jacks for Toasty Hot Tent Camping

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Whether you’re going backpacking or glamping, there are many options to choose from when it comes to a tent with stove jack for hot winter camping.

The range of options span from small and cheap to expensive and luxorious.

This post is aimed at giving you the information you need to make the best decision possible when buying a tent with stove jack.

15 Best Tents with Stove Jacks for Toasty Hot Tent Camping

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What is Hot Tent Camping?

Hot tent camping or hot tenting is simply camping with a stove inside your tent. You can’t just put a stove inside any tent: there are major things you must consider before doing this. As you will see below, the main concern is melting your tent so you need a tent made of material that doesn’t melt.

The second concern is making sure your tent breaths enough or is well ventilated enough so it doesn’t get too humid and you have issues with condensation.

Check out the section below on What Makes a Good Tent with Stove Jack to read more.

Which brings me to stove jacks. You can’t put a stove in just any tent, your tent needs a stove jack.

What is a Stove Jack?

A stove jack is simply a fixed ventilation hole in a tent for a stovepipe (or chimney) to pass through and direct the smoke from a wood-burning stove outside. Tents that have stove jacks tend to be made from a material that doesn’t melt (but not always) and have a little more room to accommodate the stove.

A Tent with stove jack for hot tent camping

Can You Put a Stove Jack in Any Tent?

No. Tents with stove jacks are typically made from fire-resistant material or treated with flame retardants. Most tents will melt with a stove inside.

What Makes a Good Tent with a Stove Jack?

The obvious concern with putting a stove inside a tent is melting the material. Thus a good tent with stove jack should be made from material that will not melt. The preferred material for most hot tents is canvas, however canvas can be heavy so when weight is a major concern (for example, when backpacking), other materials must be used.

Another main concern with hot tents is breathability. Many people are surprised by how much moisture is created inside a tent just by breathing. And when you have a stove in your tent, you tend to do even more things that produce a lot of moisture like drying wet clothes near a fire, cooking in the tent, boiling water, etc. Imagine trying to sleep in a steam room. This is what a hot tent with low breathability can feel like.

We will review two main types of tents: large tents where weight is less of a concern and backpacking tents that are designed to be very light or “ultralight”.


Canvas is an almost-ideal material for a hot tent with stove jack. Canvas keeps heat in while letting moisture out and, very importantly, it does not melt. The only downside of canvas is the weight which is why backpacking tents tend to avoid canvas for lighter materials like nylon.

Nylon is light and sheds water which ideal for backpacking but it melts so you must be careful with nylon tents around fire. This poses a problem when you want to have a stove inside your tent! Backpacking tents with stove jacks are often treated with silicon to make them somewhat fire-resistant. If you’re searching for a good backpacking tent with stove jack, make sure the material is fire-resistant and the stove jack is made from a material that cannot melt.

A tent with stove jack in an evergreen forest is a great way to stay warm during the winter or in cold climates.  Try hot tenting and you will want to camp in all four seasons.

Tent with the Stove Jack on the Top vs Sidewall

The stove jack should go out the top of the tent so nesting pipe can be used.

The pipe will draw the smoke out of your tent better if it is pointing straight up. In order to achieve this with tents with a stove jack coming out the side wall, an elbow must be used. That means you have to carry an elbow (or two if you need one for inside the tent as well!). But also, nesting pipe doesn’t work with elbows. Nesting pipe is pipe that telescopes to pack up easier and thus it’s sizes are different on each end, making it difficult to use with elbows.

So it’s but to get a tent with the stove jack on the top of the tent.

Tips for Hot Winter Camping

  • Orientate your tent so the stove jack is on the downwind side of your tent so the wind blows any sparks away from your tent.
  • Use a tarp fly to protect the roof of your tent from any sparks that may come out the top of your chimney. Most tents with stove jacks should handle small sparks but an extra layer of protection could save you a lot of money.
  • Use a fire mat under the stove to provide a fire-proof area around the stove
  • Never use a BBQ or gas stove inside your tent. Any fire produces carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous in poorly ventilated spaces. A stove with a pipe directs the majority of fumes outside the tent and tents with stove jacks are typically well ventilated for this exact reason.
  • Take common-sense precautions like keeping a fire extinguisher close and keeping combustible items away from the tent. This may seem obvious but having a stove in your tent requires an extra level of awareness.

Top Picks at a Glance

Best for Lightweight Backpacking
Luxe Hexpeak Tipi Ultralight Tent
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Best Mid-Sized for Glamping
Stout Bell
Canvas Tent
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Best Large Tent for Groups
Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak
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Keep in mind that prices listed here only reflect the price at the time of writing this article and are subject to change. They are included here for comparison purposes. Also, most tents DO NOT INCLUDE A STOVE unless explicitly mentioned.

15 Best Tents with a Stove Jack

Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Amazon rating: 5 stars (4 ratings)

Price Variations:

  • 5 Person without stove – $1,199
  • 8 Person without stove – $1,599
  • 5 Person with stove – $1,999
  • 8 Person with stove – $2,499

I have not found a negative review of the Russian-Bear Dome hot winter tent with stove jack on the internet. Raving reviews come from such trusted sources as Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft and Survival (see YouTube video below).

The tent has two layers. The outer layer is made from Oxford 300D Polyurethane rated to a waterproofing of 4000mm. This is an extremely strong and very waterproof synthetic material. If that’s enough, the inner layer is Oxford 210D, waterproof to 2000mm. The poles are made from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

The Russian Bear comes with a 3-layer, heat-insulated floor that zips to the shelter part of the tent, sealing it off from the outside. It also comes with a fire-resistant mat to go under the fireplace. The doors and windows are multilayered, with mosquito nets

This tent works like an umbrella in that you get inside and spread the supports from a central point. It is easy to set-up by one person and comes in two different sizes with the option to buy with a stove or without. It comes in a super-sturdy carrying bag with large straps that can be used as shoulder straps for carrying.

Here is a thorough review of this tent in video form:


The Russian-Bear Dome hot winter tent is easily the toughest winter tent with a stove jack out there. It is relatively light compared to the other bell-shaped tents reviewed here but also smaller. This tent is highly recommended for extreme weather conditions but probably overkill for anything else.

  • Great for extreme weather conditions

  • Light compared to other bell tents

  • Easy to set up
  • Somewhat small

PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 4.0 (19 ratings)

Price variations:

  • 3 Meter (9 foot): $429.99
  • 4 Meter (13 foot): $517.99
  • 5 Meter (16 foot): $567.99
  • 6 Meter (20 foot): $697.99
  • 7 Meter (23 foot): $984.99
  • Upgrade to divided stove hole on any size: $5-$8

The PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell tent is a made of 300 gsm cotton, which has it’s advantages. Cotton gets a bad reputation in the outdoor community because cotton clothes don’t dry easily when they get wet. But the cotton for this tent has a waterproof treatment and the canvas is very durable. The seams are taped and the floor is a PVC waterproof material, so the tent is fully waterproof.

The waterproof cotton retains it’s breath-ability but also insulates, making this a four-season tent (that is, it won’t get scorching hot in the summer sun). It also has top air vents and zippered windows with mesh nets to keep out bugs.

Sizes range from 9 feet to 23 feet which refers to the diameter but the larger tents are also taller. The heights range from 8.2 feet to 13.1 feet. The stove jack is 5 inches in diameter.

The tent can be set up without the walls for warm weather camping.


The PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is a solid four-season tent with stove jack, but isn’t quite as durable as the Russian-Bear for extreme winter camping. It is marketed as a “glamping” tent and will do well in moderate winter camping. It is fairly priced for its size and quality.

  • Waterproofed with Breathable Cotton for four-seasons

  • Versatility including: multiple sizes and option to setup without walls

  • Modestly priced
  • Not as durable for extreme weather conditions
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White Duck Canvas Bell Tent

White Duck Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 4.9 (17 ratings)

Price variations:

  • 10′ Regatta: $449.99
  • 13′ Regatta: $569.99
  • 16’5″ Regatta: $669.99
  • 13′ Avalon: $799.99
  • 16’5″ Avalon: $919.99
  • 20′ Avalon: $1,149.99
  • Fire retardant option (available on some models): +$200

The nicest feature of the White Duck Bell tent is the large amount of space on the inside. This tent is taller than it looks and provides a roomy interior. The 13-foot model can sleep 6 people and the 16 foot can sleep 8. This is a canvas tent that can both insulate and breath so it is considered a four-season tent.

Another great feature of this tent is there are windows all around with bug mesh and bug mesh covering the door.

The tent is non-freestanding, single room, and single-layer. The difference between the two models, Regatta and Avalon, has to do with the material used and not the structure or style of the tent.

At 98 pounds for the 13′ Avalon, weight is a downside of the White Duck Canvas Bell Tent. And while one person can certainly manage to set this tent up, it is a bit involved.

The website offers a monthly payment plan.


The White Duck Bell tent with stove jack is another great, mid-range canvas tent with stove jack. These tents have tons of space on the inside and are great for glamping. These tents are not recommended for extreme winter conditions, though. The White Duck Bell tent is moderately priced for its size and quality.

  • Lots of space in all models

  • Four seasons
  • Very Heavy

  • Difficult for one person to setup

Stout Bell Canvas Bell Tent

Stout Bell Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 5.0 (22 ratings)

Price variations:

  • Ultimate Single Wall: $655.00 – $895.00
  • PRO Edition Single Wall: $989.00

Stout Tents is a veteran owned company with brick-and-mortar stores in Arizona and Vermont. The founder, Jim Stout, used to sew parachutes for the army before starting the company. They now sew, sell, and ship all the tents themselves (and claim to live in them several months out of the year).

The Stout Bell Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack is made from waterproofed cotton canvas which is breathable but also insulates, making this tent suitable for four seasons. There is one door and four windows with double-layer bug netting.

The Ultimate version is made with a slightly lighter cotton than the PRO Edition (8.6-oz cotton instead of 10.6) so the Ultimate version is lighter but provides slightly less insulation and durability. Each version also comes with the option for a bug guard wall which is recommended as the price upgrade is modest. This insures no bugs can creep in the small gaps between the sidewall and sloped roof but it also allows you to setup the tent without the sidewall for warm weather camping.

If you plan on doing a lot of very cold weather camping, the PRO version, is worth the upgrade. For mostly summer use, the ultimate version is sufficient. There is one feature of the PRO version

The stove jack fits 3-6 stove pipes and comes with a velcro cover when not in use. The tent packs into a 48 x 16 x 16 inch carrying case and weighs 94 lbs.


You can’t find a better quality bell tent with stove jack than a Stout Tent. The company is trustworthy and offers a 5-year warranty with a great return policy. As with all canvas tents, these are quite heavy and this one is comparable in weight to others on this list. The price is in the upper-range of bell tents but in return, you get a high-quality tent.

  • Option to upgrade to heavy and durable PRO version

  • Four seasons

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Heavy

  • Higher-end of price range

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacks

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacks

Amazon rating: 4.0 (54 ratings)

Price variations:

  • 10′: $459.00
  • 13.3′: $559.00
  • 16.6′: $659.00
  • 20′: $799.00

Despite receiving mostly positive reviews from various sites around the internet, Danchel does not appear to have a website of its own. This throws up a red flag for me because these tents cost several hundred dollars. A website mostly just takes some time and effort. A company that won’t put time and effort into creating a homepage to showcase their brand makes me question how much time and effort they put into things like customer service and quality control.

Second, the tent is listed on a lot of discount sites like wish.com and aliexpress, which are websites for ordering cheap goods directly from China. These websites are great to get some really cheap stuff but I don’t associate them with really high quality products. The third red flag is the rampant grammar mistakes in the product description on Amazon. Again, a company that doesn’t put care into making their product presentable makes me question how much care they put into their product.


The tent quality was not reviewed here because this company obviously does not put a lot of care into presenting their products online. They do not have a website of their own and the product description on Amazon is very poorly written. For me, these things are red flags and I cannot recommend buying from such a company. If you want to take your chances with this tent, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below.

  • Small models are cheap
  • Questionable company
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Robens Klondike Tent

Robens Klondike Tent

Amazon rating: 5 (2 reviews)

Price: $824.60 after shipping (the tent is $682.61 but it ships from Denmark)

Robens Klondike is a Danish company whose products have been on the EU market for several years before they were available in the US. This tent goes by two different names, Robens Klondike Outback Tent and Robens Klondike Tipi Tent, but they are the same tent.

This tent uses a cotton-poly blend which makes it more waterproof, fire-retardant, and lighter than pure cotton-canvas but at the cost of breathability. The blend is called HydroTex Polycotton and is 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This is still an all-season tent and will be better in winter conditions than an all-canvas tent, but will likely become more stuffy in hot weather. Fortunately, there are three windows on the sides and two top vents for adequite ventilation.

The tent sets up around a central pole and must be tied out on all sides to stand. There is an A-frame structure for the door, making the entrance nice and tall. The tent can sleep six people with no stove so realistically, three people with gear and a stove is a good fit for this tent.

The groundsheet zips onto the frame and there is an option to set the tent up without the sidewall for warm weather.

You can buy an inner tent as an addition to make separate rooms inside the tent which is very nice. Here’s a great video showing the setup and how the inner tents look:


The Robens Klondike is a high-quality, solid tent with stove jack for all-seasons. It is lighter weight than pure canvas tents and packs up smaller. The main downside is that it only comes in one size which fits six people without the stove so probably only 3 people with gear and the stove.

  • Light for its size

  • Poly-cotton blend

  • Works well with inner tent
  • Ships from Europe

  • Only available in one size

Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak tent with stove jack

Cabela’s rating: 4.6 (272 reviews)

Price: $1,499

Closer to a house than a tent, Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak is for luxury camping. Measuring in at 27′ x 13′, you can fit 11 cots inside.

The tent is designed for harsh weather. The strong material will stand up against the elements and there are many design features that make the tent super convenient. The material is 250-denier polyester-oxford (strong) and the zippers are heavy-duty No. 10 YKK® zippers.

Both doors (yes, there are two!) are designed with an extending hood to give you space to shake off snow or take off wet clothes before entering the main cabin of the tent. Two of the windows are covered with vinyl that can be left zipped during rain or snow and provides natural light. The other windows are covered with hoods that extend out so they can be left open during rain or snow if desired.

The interior is filled with gear pockets as well as fold down shelves.

The material was built for strength but the main complaint about this material is it’s lack of breathability which can lead to condensation inside the tent. This only seems to be a problem when you have many people in the tent.


Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak tent with stove jack is absolutely awesome. It provides a ton of room and is packed full of convenient design features, like cup holders! It is built for harsh weather but has plenty of windows and vents, making it an all-weather tent. Furthermore, it is built with the best materials so it is super strong against the elements and puncture resistant. Of course, a tent this big is quite heavy and not always that easy to set up.

  • TONS of room

  • High quality materials

  • Excellent design features with many conveniences
  • Does not breath well with several people

Montana Canvas Blend Wall Tent

Montana Canvas Blend Wall Tent with stove jack

Cabela’s rating: 4.2 (5 ratings)

Price variations:

  • 8′ x 10′: $1769.98
  • 10′ x 12′: $1,939.98
  • 12′ x 14′: $2119.98
  • 12′ x 17′: $2329.98
  • 14′ x 17′: $2619.98
  • 16′ x 20′: $2909.98
  • 18′ x 23′: $3289.98

Montana Canvas is an American company based in Montana that has been in business for over 40 years. They only make tents and tarps and pride themselves on their reputation. The Montana Blend Wall Tent with stove jack is made with some pretty impressive materials.

The tent itself features two different materials – treated canvas on the roof and a proprietary type of polyester on the ends of sidewalls. The canvas roof is treated with a mildew inhibitor, fire-retardant, and water proofing; however, no waterproof specifications are reported. The sidewalls are fully coated and saves some weight compared to canvas.

The stove jack is the standard 5″ size but this stove jack offers high heat resistance, a surprisingly uncommon feature for stove jacks in tents. The poles are airplane-grade aluminum alloy.

There aren’t many downsides to the tent. The main downside being the lack of windows; there is only one window on the tent, in the back. Second, the tent is fairly heavy but still lighter than most canvas tents of it’s size (from 61-107 lbs depending on size).


Montana Canvas is a solid company and the Montana Blend Wall Tent with stove jack is a solid tent through and through. The materials this tent uses have clearly been carefully selected for the highest quality and the company has stood the test of time based on their good reputation. The downside of this tent only having one window is outweighed by the quality of the materials.

  • Excellent materials

  • Many size options

  • High-heat resistant stove jack
  • Only one window

  • Moderately heavy for its size

Ozark Trail North Fork Wall Tent with Stove Jack

Ozark Trail North Fork Wall Tent with Stove Jack

Price: $379.00

Walmart Rating: 3.9

The Ozark Trail North Fork is by far the most affordable wall tent with stove jack on this list. So if you’re looking for a cheap tent with stove jack, this may be for you but I caution you: you get what you pay for with this tent.

The material is imitation canvas. The legs and eaves are adjustable if you need to set it up on uneven ground. It does feature two side windows and a large rear window as well as two vents on the top. There are also several storage pockets on the inside. It comes with LED light strings and rolling duffel bag.

This tent weighs 90 lbs.

The major complaints about this tent are mostly that the material is not canvas and isn’t very waterproof. Many people recommend treating with some waterproofing material before using it or throwing an extra tarp over the top if you know it’s going to rain.

Another major complaint is that the floor doesn’t attach to the side wall, leaving a gap to potentially let in unwanted critters.


The Ozark Trail North Fork is a cheap tent with stove jack that sits at a lower tier of quality than its more expensive counterparts. The main complaints about the quality are mostly about the material it is made with not being real canvas and the floor not attaching to the sidewall. Despite these complaints, some people love this tent, especially the price! So if you can live with the issues mentioned and don’t want to spend the money on a higher-end tent, this is certainly a tent with stove jack to consider.

  • Unbeatable price

  • Easy set up
  • Heavy

  • Imitation Canvas, not entirely waterproof

  • Floor does not attach to sidewall, leaves gap for critters
See At Walmart

White Duck Canvas Wall Tent

White Duck Canvas Wall Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 4.7 (24 ratings)

Price variations:

  • 10′ x 12′: $1,099.99
  • 12′ x 14′: $1,249.99
  • 14′ x 16′: $1,499.99
  • 16′ x 20′: $1,999.99
  • Add fire retardant finish: + $200-$400

The White Duck Canvas Wall Tent with stove jack is a spacious wall tent suitable for hosting events or luxury winter camping. Even the smallest size provides a massive amount of room on the inside.

The tent itself is made of canvas and comes as water repellent, mildew and UV resistant. There is an option to have a fire retardant finish on it as well which you may want to consider if you intend to have fires in it but it comes at a pretty high price. The groundsheet is 16 oz. PVC and is “free-floating” which means it does not attach to the sidewalls. The frame is aluminum and zippers are military-grade YKK zippers.

The tent comes in two large bags and weighs nearly 200 lbs for the smallest size. The largest size (16′ x 20′) weighs upwards of 350 lbs. Even the smallest size is difficult to setup with one person and it is recommended two people set it up.


The White Duck Canvas Wall Tent with stove jack is a high quality, durable tent. However, the weight and packed size make it difficult to manage for a camping trip. This could be a great tent for hosting an even as all models are quite spacious.

  • Spacious

  • Durable
  • Very heavy

  • Does not pack up small (packs into two separate bags)

  • Floor does not attach to sidewalls

  • Does not setup easy with one person

OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent

OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 4.1 (25 ratings)

Price: $139.98

The OneTigris Smokey Hut Tent with stove jack is a barebones, lightweight backpacking tent that is ultralight. It weighs in at only 2.6 lbs and the lowest priced tent listed here, but don’t let the price fool you – it is a very good value for the price.

The nylon material is coated with 20D-silicon which adds both water-proofing and fire resistance. It is also made with waterproof YKK Zippers and the seams are waterproof sealed. This tent is rated at 3000mm waterproof which makes it suitable for light to average rain but cannot withstand torrential rains (read more about waterproof ratings here). Given the size, I would not want to be out in torrential rains in that tent anyway.

The downside is that the tent does not come with a tent bottom so you must have a separate one or sleep on the ground.


The Onetigris Smokey Hut is a pretty good ultralight tent with stovejack at a modest price. The material, zippers, and seams are all well treated to be very waterproof. However, it does not come with a ground sheet which is a bit uncomfortable and there are complaints in the reviews that the material is weak. It’s still a good value for the money if need an ultralight tent that won’t break the bank. Just make sure you have a plan for sleeping on the ground and are super careful with the material.

  • Ultralight

  • Great price
  • Does not include footprint or ground sheet

Seek Outside Tipi Tent

Seek Outside Tipi Tent with stove jack


  • Without door screens: $659.00
  • With door screens: $759.00
  • Add factory seem sealing: $85.00

The Seek Outside Tipi Tent with stove jack is a blend between an ultralight backpacking tent and a bigger car camping, or hunting tent. Weighing in at 4 lbs 12 oz for the four-person tent, it’s not too heavy to take backpacking but I wouldn’t exactly call it “ultralight”. For the weight, you get a lot of space, with a height of 6’10” and a diameter of 11’10”, which is a good amount of room for four people without a stove or two with a stove and gear.

The tent is a simple design, with one central carbon-fiber pole and one shelter canopy that must be staked all around the perimeter to create the tipi shape. The canopy is made from 30-denier Cordura ripstop double-coated sil-nylon. Cordura is a respected brand of fabric makers and sil-nylon is simply nylon that’s been impregnated with silicone.

There are several stake-out loops around the outside and the tent is reinforced where the central pole holds it up, so you can make it nice and tight. Furthermore, there are loops for guy lines around the outside about one foot above the ground that you don’t have to use but serve to expand the tent a little more.

The stove jack fits 2.5-4″ stove pipes which is slightly smaller than the standard 5″ hole. Like many of the lightweight tents, this tent does not come with a footprint or groundsheet.


The Seek Outside Tipi Tent is a well-made, rugged winter tent with stove jack. It is just a little heavier than other backpacking tents but also bigger, and It is spacious for the weight. It is also much higher priced than the other backpacking tents but you do get upgraded quality for the price. All-in-all this tent is recommended…if you can afford it.

  • Light for the amount of space it provides

  • Many size options

  • High-heat resistant stove jack
  • Does not come with a footprint or groundsheet

  • Smaller sized stove jack

  • Expensive

Preself Tipi Tent

Preself Tipi Tent with stove jack

Amazon rating: 3.3 (28 ratings)

Price: $105.00

The Preself Tipi Tent with stove jack is made for backpacking as it only weighs 3.4 pounds and has just over a 10ft diameter. It is made for 3 people but when using a stove, two is probably the maximum. It packs up into 18″ x 6″ x 6″ so it is suitable to carry in a backpack.

The tent is made with anti-tear 210T polyester which has a waterproof rating of 2000mm (read about waterproof ratings here). This essentially means you can have it in light to average rains but it will start to leak in very heavy rains.

Despite the material claiming to be “anti-tear” and better than nylon, there are many reports of the material tearing very easily as well as melting. Consider using a layer of silicon around the chimney to protect the stove jack when using a stove inside the tent. There are also several reports of the zippers breaking easily.

This tent may still be a good option for a budget purchase but you should be aware of these complaints before making your decision to buy and take extra precautions when using this tent.


The Preself Tipi Tent with stove jack is a budget tent and is made with lower quality material and zippers, despite claiming to be “anti-tear”. Like other backpacking tents, it does not come with a footprint or ground sheet. Because of these negative reports of ripping and melting material and zippers breaking, we at OutMore cannot recommend this tent.

  • Light

  • Unbeatable price
  • Does not include footprint or ground sheet

  • Stove jack is not fire proof

  • Material tears easily, zippers break

Luxe Hexpeak Tipi (2P) Ultralight Trekking Pole Tent

Luxe Hexpeak Tipi (2P) Ultralight Trekking Pole Tent with stove jack

Luxe is a solid brand and backpackers rave about their tents. The Luxe Haxapeak Tipi tent is the best backpacking tent with stove jack on the market.

The tent is made with a 40-denier sil-nylon. Sil-nylon is nylon impregnated with silicon to make it more waterproof and fire-resistant. This is a tipi style tent with a central pole and stakes out in six places all around the pole, making a hexagon shape. The tent achieves its light weight by not including a pole but is designed to use a trekking pole instead.

This tent does not include a floor either. Instead, you have the option to add on an inner tent which comes in two sizes: 1.5 person and 2 person. The 1.5 person inner tent goes under one half of the outer shelter, leaving space for the stove and/or gear under the shelter but not inside the inner tent. The 2 person inner tent fills up space under the shelter and thus cannot be used with a stove.

If you intend this tent to sleep 2 people, you might want to consider the XL version. The XL is a 3 person tent but realistically sleeps 2 comfortably with gear.


  • Light

  • Good price

  • Options for inner tents and larger size
  • Does not include footprint or groundsheet (option to purchase inner tent)

  • Does not come with a pole, must use a trekking pole

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a tent with stove jack, this page should help you make your buying decision. There are many great options out there and some not so great. If you have any questions or comments about these tents (or anything else!), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

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    Indians were more comfortable in a tipi
    All it takes is a 13 ounce chimney that is centre pole to a all sides tight to the ground tarp to be having fun in any weather.
    Google chimpac


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